seeking captial for your next development? 

ignite funding offers acquisition, development and construction financing

The following criteria should be considered by Borrowers before sending a funding request.

Types of Loans

At Ignite Funding, we offer the following loan types:

  • Financing  or refinancing of non-primary residential or income-producing commercial structures
  • Acquisition or refinancing of undeveloped land
  • Development and construction of residential or commercial projects
  • Acquisition of distressed assets from regional banks, the FDIC, and other lenders

Ignite Funding generally lends within the following loan-to-value ratio ranges depending upon property type, location, and other relevant factors associated with the property for developers seeking capital:

  • Land Acquisition | Up to 65% of the acquisition value of the land
  • Development | Up to 70%
  • Construction | Up to 75%


The per loan funding limits are $500,000 to $15 million.

Loan terms are generally between 6 to 9 months. Extensions may be offered subject to additional fees. Longer term loans are considered on the overall project viability and strength of the borrowing entity.