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8 Steps to Trust Deed Investing Whitepaper

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Ever considered investing in real estate? 

When you think of investing in real estate, it usually isn’t synonymous with the word ‘easy’. To be fair, there are A LOT of steps you need to take for a successful rental property or fix-n-flip. 

However, there are only 8 Steps to investing in real estate through Trust Deeds; and with Ignite Funding, you are only involved in TWO of those steps. With just TWO STEPS, you can reap the benefits of double-digit returns and real property as collateral without the headache of all those extra steps – it's as easy as completing a set of documents.

This FREE white paper outlines: 

  • How Trust Deed investing works
  • What you are investing in
  • Where you can get started

Discover how you can do more with your investable dollars while diversifying in a passive real estate option.