Earn 10% to 12% returns by investing in Trust Deeds

 ipad with 5 misconceptions white paper

Ever considered investing in real estate? 

Trust Deed investments with Ignite Funding break down the barriers of traditional real estate investing, providing an investment opportunity that can generate up to 10% to 12% annualized returns and is collateralized by real property for investors at every level.

This FREE white paper outlines the following 5 misconceptions of trust deed investing: 

  • Trust Deeds are for rich people to invest in
  • Only unworthy borrowers need hard money loans.
  • The investments cost too much to get started
  • Everyone loses in real estate
  • My financial planner doesn’t offer this so I can’t do it

Discover how you can do more with your investable dollars while diversifying in an easy real estate option.